FALBY DESIGN in-house  team has extensive experience in designing private labels, customized to your desires and your expression. Since 2005, we have had great success with developing designs and products in home accessories to leading department stores, chains and organizations in Denmark and Europe.Our team specializes in designing and producing private label lines within a wide range of products of interior and home accessories, including crockery and kitchenware, home textiles and paper goods, clothing,  children’s clothing and accessories. We take pride in designing exclusive products of high quality and at good prices. The design and development of new products is done in close dialogue and co-operation with the customer


Within our framework, a private label collection is described as a line of products that are designed and manufactured to specifically fitwith each client’s particular brand profile. This means that we offer customers an exclusive product that will only be available at the particular retail chain for which it is designed and will therefore not be available on competitors’ shelves. We provide number of products within a set range and we also deliver specific campaigns which run in stores for shorter periods . It may be a campaign with themes such as summerlife, schoolstart , office and storage or Christmas campaign – the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the products themselves, the packaging is an important part of a private label collection. A beautiful packaging or hang-tag tells the history of the product and helps to distinguish it from the competition and gives the product that little extra something.

Working with private label is the art of finding the balance between analytical strength and creativity. That means we design and customize a range that is in line with the client’s profile and the concept that characterizes this particular department store chain . Furthermore, we are always in touch with contemporary trends in interior design, fashion and apparel. These factors contribute to that our products have proven to be a commercial successes.


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